Network Operator

Network Operators Overview

Serve subscribers orders of magnitude more traffic while offering personalized services with the highest quality of experience.

The problem in a nut shell:

Technological advances in hardware and telecom infrastructure over the past few decades have created a hyperconnected world, where 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day. Thanks to mobile phones, today, 66% of the world uses the internet as opposed to 7% in 2000. As internet connectivity and access around the world increase, the amount of data created will only continue to increase. The rise of new technologies – autonomous vehicles, the Internet-of-Things (devices with sensors connected to the internet), smart cities, and extended-reality environments (VR, AR) – has led to an increase in global demand for higher bandwidth and lower latency networks. However, traditional wireless network operators are unable to keep up with this increased demand.

Our Advantages:

Blockcast deploys a multicast gateway at the edge PoPs. Our edge cache node uses a machine learning model to rank content based on popularity and user browsing history.

  • •   Offload duplicated network traffic and relieve network congestion
  • •   Extend network reach to regions with no internet infrastructure
  • •   Build relationships with subscribers and understand usage patterns