CDN Overview

Blockcast brings the scalability of broadcast television to video streaming with a datacasting-enabled content delivery network (CDN) that can serve ultra-high bitrate, low latency live video and media on-demand even in the most remote networks. Utilizing our CDN solution saves up to 80-90% of the bandwidth, making it highly efficient for streaming data-intensive media content to a large audience.

Key advantages

  • •   We significantly reduce network latency and congestion, boosting the user quality of experience but serving content from within the area network using secure cache enclaves.
  • •   Our implementation of the SVTA OpenCaching/IETF CDN interconnect standards for delivering services from the leading streaming and cloud providers directly from within operator networks, enabling service providers to monetize CDN storage and compute resource slices placed close to OTT users.
  • •   Security and confidentiality primitives empower users to own their data while enabling personalized experiences that promote efficiency, satisfaction, and rewards for sharing personal data.

Architecture Overview

Blockcast Overview