Decentralized Broadcast Marketplace

It has long been recognized in the industry that a hybrid multicast-unicast infrastructure is crucial for significantly improving the efficiency of content delivery networks. However, implementing such infrastructure upgrades requires significant investment in capital expenditure (CapEx), operational expenses (OpEx), and coordination between various parties including network operators, broadcasters, and content providers.

With the growing maturity and adoption of blockchain technology, the DeWi model offers a perfect solution to this cold-start problem. In this model, individual operators or communities are incentivized to deploy and maintain telecom hardware in exchange for rewards. DeWi networks has proven to achieve superior unit economics due to reduction in CapEx and OpEx.

Therefore, we introduce the Decentralized Broadcast Marketplace, where network operators, broadcasters and content providers are incentive-aligned to create a magnitude more efficient and high quality content delivery network.

Network Actors

  • •   Content Providers save content delivery cost with broadcast, improve customer QoE and can distribute their contents to a wider audience.
  • •   Network operators are incentivized to cache the most relevant content to reduce network congestion and improve customer satisfaction.
  • •   Broadcasters are incentivized to monetize unused broadcast capacity.