Extending CDNs to the last mile, A point of presence even in the most remote network, Application performance acceleration and bandwidth reduction

Blockcast is a satellite CDN that reduces costs and congestion even in the most remote networks

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Making relavant bandwidth abundant

Blockcast is a content delivery network that reduces waste and deduplicates traffic across internet services to improve application performance without compromising security. We developed a multicast proxy which continuously pre-caches personalized content, and decreases network congestion even over the most constrained links such as inflight connectivity, rural and remote networks, oil rigs, etc.


More affordable, faster internet with less waste

Our mission is to eliminate bandwidth scarcity and make interactive media accessible to everyone. The way CDNs exclusive deploy their caching appliances today only benefits large ISPs while the billions in remote areas with limited bandwidth must burden the costs without reaping most of the benefits. Blockcast envisions a new, more affordable internet with a caching infrastructure that reduces waste wherever you are.

Inflight Connectivity

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Rural Cellular / WISPs

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Maritime / Oil and Gas

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